About Robb Scott

I'm 44 years old. I've enjoyed the ups and downs of my life. I sincerely hope I get to experience much more of it. One of the coolest things about my life was being born with a knack for creativity. It has provided me enormous pleasure, entertainment and opportunity. 18 years ago, I began turning that creativity into a business. The business of drawing.


I wasn't picky about what I created in the beginning. I just needed to draw. Drawing helped me tame that ferocious creative fire that burned inside me since childhood. The more I drew the clearer my vision became about where I wanted to go. The landscape appeared wide open. Art. Music. Videos. Writing. I wanted to taste it all. So I did.

I’ve created really great art. I've made viral videos. I've written a rap song. A love letter to my son. And a dance video. That fire which burned inside me as child burns just as strongly today. I tame it only by creating. So I ask that you hang around. Because I don't know what's coming next. And that uncertainty is the gift of creativity.

But there will be more. Much more!


1974 - I was born.

1979 - The oldest memory I have was created this year.

1985 - Began living openly as a Ninja.

2001 - The beginning of my art career.

2003 -  Became frustrated. Wanted to quit my career.

2004 - Became frustrated. Wanted to quit my career.

2005 - Became frustrated. Wanted to quit my career.

2007 - Became frustrated. Wanted to quit my career.

2009 - Became official artist of Somebeachsomewhere.
2010 - 1st Canadian artist to work with Sidney Crosby.
2011 - Collaborated with NBA great Michael Jordan.
2012 - Collaborated with Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr.

2012 - Collaborated with Moosehead star Nathan MacKinnon.
2012 - Winner of 2012 New Small Business of the Year - Truro Chamber of Commerce.
2013 - Created viral video about the "R-Word".
2014 - Collaborated with Hart Trophy winner Sidney Crosby & Calder Trophy winner Nathan MacKinnon.
2015 - Collaborated with Canadians goalie Carey Price.
2016 - Created viral video about my son. (25 Million views).
2018 - Commissioned by Nova Scotia Sports HOF for top 15 NS athletes artwork

2019 - Artwork licensed by the NHL